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Li S. Yifei

Legal name: Yifei Li; Publish as: Li S. Yifei
Computer and Information Science
University of Pennsylvania
Towne 297

Yifei is a (𝓍-𝟤𝟢𝟤𝟥)-Year Ph.D. student in Computer and Information Science (CIS) at University of Pennsylvania. He is grateful to be advised by Prof. Mark Yatskar, affiliated with Penn NLP. His current research focuses on:

Large Language Model, Multimodal, and Domain Knowledge (e.g. Medicine, Drug)

In the past, he has also worked with Prof. Lyle Ungar, Prof. João Sedoc, and Prof. Chris Callison-Burch, on fairness, reasoning, and zero-shot learning of NLP and multimodal. He TA'ed in ML / DL / NLP courses, and earned Outstanding Teaching Award. He has background in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Business. The slightly outdated Curriculum Vitæ is here.