Li, Yifei

Natural Language Processing, Multimodal Learning

Neuro‑Symbolism, Human‑Centric AI and Fairness

Please read my up-to-date Statement of Purpose and Curriculum Vitæ. I am a MSE Data Science student at UPenn, I conduct(ed) research on: natural language processing with professors Lyle Ungar and João Sedoc; multimodal learning with professors Mark Yatskar and Chris Callison-Burch. I hold bachelor degrees in Computer Science, Mathematics, and Business.
I'm open to any AI research topic, as long as I can develop research skills and taste. Currently, my research agenda is motivated by two overarching, complementary goals: to advance intelligence in NLP and multimodal to understand concepts in a more composite, consistent, and hierarchical way; and to align these models to collaborate with humans more robust and fairer.
A Poem by Yifei & ChatGPT